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STV 100th Anniversary
  Bio Safety Level-3Ag Large Animal Housing Facility (Ames, IA)

STV provided on-site owner’s representative services and home office independent design review services to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for a new $100 million state-of-the-art BSL-3Ag large animal housing facility as part of its support for the USDA’s Ames Modernization Program. Designed primarily for domestic animal and wildlife research programs, the 145,000-sf facility has 22 animal rooms supported by two separate necropsy suites, a full mechanical service floor, and a finished crawl space to allow for the collection of animal wastes. A unique aspect of containment laboratory design is the complexity of creating a concrete mix to maintain the effectiveness of the facility’s biocontainment barrier. STV staff monitored and provided technical analysis to the USDA throughout the concrete mix design process and testing program. The firm also led a value engineering effort that reduced the overall cost of the building without compromising functionality and containment levels. In addition, STV secured the services of a commissioning agent, managed their work and supplemented their staff as needed.

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