A group of STV|DPM employees are currently fronting a task force that is developing a series of publications that provide insights and discuss best practices for the return-to-work planning process.

STV|DPM’s Denise Pied, PMP, vice president and project executive; Sandra Gucciardi, business development director; Eva Hamori, planner; and John Waitkunas, vice president and project executive; from STV’s Newton office are collaborating with a team of business leaders from various industries. STV’s Michael Camoscio, P.E., LEED AP BD+C, associate and senior engineer in our Transportation & Infrastructure Division in Boston, is also contributing.

The task force originated in the winter, as news of COVID-19’s global spread began to intensify.

“Around mid-March, we did some outreach to get information on the best COVID-19-related industry practices,” Denise said. “We knew we had great partners from around our industry.”

The team has been monitoring key issues including indoor air quality, building and surface cleanliness, and social distancing, and scheduled each publication in the series based on topic urgency. Following the initial “Return to Work Toolkit,” an overview that also introduced the consortium team, each subsequent publication features contributions from industry experts and focused on topics ranging from cleaning protocols, to construction site safety.

The team is also focused on the emotional process of returning to work. By conducting employee surveys, the task force can gauge concerns and provide change management.

“This is such an emotional change,” Eva said. “People are still worried about their safety, so it’s important to capture that feeling.”

Going forward, the team will be collecting data and employee feedback about workplace reintegration, along with monitoring trends to incorporate into future literature.

For more information and to download the toolkit and ongoing series, please visit: