STV, a leading engineering firm, has been contracted by the City of Charlotte to provide engineering services for the development of intelligent transportation system (ITS) projects as part of the Charlotte Department of Transportation’s overall ITS plan. The assignment is the firm's latest project in support of the rehabilitation and expansion of Charlotte transportation infrastructure.  

STV will develop engineering design plans as part of a citywide effort to upgrade Charlotte’s signal systems. The firm’s first task will take place along a 2.4-mile stretch of WT Harris Boulevard, beginning at University City Boulevard/Chancellor Park Ramp and ending at Rocky River Road.

“Charlotte continues to grow at an exponential rate and, along with that growth, the city has determined it needs to address infrastructure expansion,” said Marie Sugar, P.E., a project manager in STV’s Charlotte office. “STV has been a proud partner of the City of Charlotte Department of Transportation, providing traffic engineering services for many years, and is well-equipped to support the agency in this latest endeavor.”

STV was previously contracted by the city to perform on-call ITS design services. That contract led to three different projects at Graham Street, Westinghouse Boulevard and Statesville Avenue. All were completed on a fast-track schedule and delivered on time and within budget.

Starting in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the City of Charlotte began investing in ITS technology as a way to create efficiencies within its transportation network. This led the city to develop new traffic signal operations plans, which have since been updated to reflect advanced technology specifications.

STV, and its predecessor, Ralph Whitehead Associates, have had a presence within Charlotte for more than 50 years, performing engineering design and construction management services on 100+ projects throughout the city.

For more information, contact:

Jill Bonamusa
(212) 614-3354

Mark Ginocchio
(212) 505-4916