CollageThree STV thought leaders will be among the panelists at this year’s AIM 2021 Virtual Leadership Forum hosted by the Women Builders Council (WBC).

The two-day conference will take place March 11-12 and feature online discussions and workshops for women at all levels of the industry. This year’s forum will specifically focus on the leadership skills required as the industry and the economy start to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

STV National Supplier Diversity Leader Jermaine Huell will participate in Thursday’s panel, “Searching for Disruptors and Innovators: The Next Generation of Builders.” Moderated by Columbia University’s Francisco Pineda, FRICS, the panel will explore what employers will be looking for from their talent pool, particularly as it relates to emergency response, recovery, and resilience.

On Friday morning, Transportation & Infrastructure Engineering Specialist Zineb Bouizy will take part in a millennial roundtable with other early-career professionals. The roundtable will discuss lessons learned from past generations and what the next group of women builders are seeking in their careers. Participants will discuss their personal goals and how they align with current practices for recruiting and retaining women in the industry.

Immediately following Bouizy’s panel, Project Manager Meghan McDevitt will discuss the increasing role in the construction management and engineering arenas that millennial women are playing. The panel, “A Gentle Revolution: Millennials Building,” will include young women from various construction sectors who will discuss what it means to be an emerging professional and how the industry can create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

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