Baltimore Therapeutic Treatment Center


Maryland Department of General Services


Baltimore, MD


Justice & Institutional: Correctional Facilities & Detention Centers

Healthcare: Inpatient Care & Behavioral Health


Design: Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical/HVAC Engineering, Structural Engineering, Plumbing, Piping, Fire Protection

Baltimore Therapeutic Treatment Center

The Maryland Department of General Services has contracted STV to serve as the design lead for the new Baltimore Therapeutic Treatment Center (BTTC). This full scope design contract includes site work, site utility work, design and engineering, and the creation of construction documents for the first phase of the treatment center, which will hold approximately 850 beds. The project site encompasses an area of approximately 17 acres within the Baltimore City Pretrial Complex. Beyond the design of the new BTTC facility, STV will be generating a masterplan for the district encompassing this urban site.

The new treatment center will be a multidimensional facility that will include robust deflection, diversion, mental health and substance use treatment, and reentry services. The design will incorporate a significant emphasis on stabilization, treatment, care coordination, and discharge planning, with the goal of much-improved reentry outcomes. The new treatment center is projected to be completed over a 10-year period.