York County, South Carolina


York County, South Carolina


Water: Sewer Collection and Interception


Planning/Pre-Design: Alternatives Analyses, Conditions Assessments/Surveys, Modeling

Blankmanship Sewer Basin Study

To proactively augment the reliability of its sewer system to accommodate planned development in the region, York County launched a pilot study of an existing sewer sub-basin. STV was selected to conduct the Blankmanship sewer basin study, which looks at 2,500 acres of land on the border between York County in South Carolina and Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. To execute this study, the firm is using a dynamic model of the basin to evaluate the hydraulic performance of the existing system and its capacity, and to pinpoint potential deficiencies in need of improvement.

Using survey and flow meter data, STV developed a calibrated, hydraulic model, which will be used to prepare a report of recommended repairs, improvements, and alternatives.