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Climate-Resilient Infrastructure: Adaptive Design and Risk Management (ASCE Manual of Practice)

In 2012, the storm surge from Superstorm Sandy resulted in billions of dollars of damage across the New York Metropolitan region. In Sandy’s aftermath, the design and construction industry was charged with developing new standards for resilient design to better protect infrastructure and other public assets from future storms and natural disasters.

STV has emerged as a leader in resilient-design, having performed engineering services for numerous projects covering a broad range of market areas. The firm’s expertise was further demonstrated by its contributions to the ASCE’s “Climate-Resilient Infrastructure: Adaptive Design and Risk Management.” This manual of practice provides guidance for and contributes to the development of codes and standards for the design of resilient infrastructure, addressing areas where there currently are large knowledge gaps. Firm employees contributed content for several chapters in the book. For more information about the manual, visit the ASCE website.