New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP)


New York City, NY


Water: Water Distribution and Transmission


Program/Construction Management Services: Construction Management, REI/CEI

Construction of Shafts 17B-1 and Shaft 18B-1, City Tunnel No. 3, Stage 2 in Brooklyn and Queens

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection has tasked STV, in joint venture with McMillen JA Engineering PLLC, to provide construction management services for the construction of shafts for a water supply tunnel segment spanning Queens and Brooklyn.

The first phase of the project is for the construction of two shafts on the 10.5-mile City Tunnel No. 3 (CT3), Stage 2 Queens-Brooklyn Leg (QBT).

In the second phase, underground distribution chambers will be constructed atop the new shafts. The phase will also include the installation of equipment and all appurtenances associated with the two shafts. This initiative will integrate a sophisticated control system into the city’s existing water delivery infrastructure. The first phase of construction is valued at approximately $355 million and the second phase is estimated to be $350 million. STV will provide resident engineering, inspection, and office engineering services as well as commissioning services for the water distribution systems