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Highways, Bridges & Civil Infrastructure: Traffic 


Planning/Pre-Design: Accessibility Planning, Conditions Assessments/Surveys, Transportation Planning 

El Paso County ADA Transportation Transition Plan and Engineering Criteria Manual Update

STV assisted El Paso County in advancing its ADA Transition Plan and updating its Engineering Criteria Manual (ECM) for pedestrian facilities and other public infrastructure. 

For this contract, the firm evaluated the county’s existing ADA Transition Plan, internal policies and processes, and pedestrian facility inventory. The team then provided tailored recommendations for next steps. This collaborative process included meetings between the County and the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs to verify specifications and those standards were clear and understandable for design and construction. 

Our team also authored a new ECM Chapter on accessibility built upon proposed Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) requirements and existing county practices that detailed applicability and specific technical requirements. The firm vetted the technical criteria and standards with the local engineering and development community, ultimately securing the endorsement of the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs. In addition, STV worked alongside El Paso County for Highway Advisory Committee approval of the added chapter and revisions of the ECM. The Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioner provided final approval in June of 2020. The project team also provided the County with valuable tools and resources to facilitate implementation of the Transition Plan. 

For a detailed look at El Paso County’s new ECM Chapter, click here. The chapter includes technical revision of standard drawings and is in full compliance with ADA and PROWAG standards for all new and altered facilities.