New York City Department of Design and Construction


Queens, NY


Water: Sewer Collection and Interceptor


Program/Construction Management Services: REI/CEI

Flushing Creek Combined Sewage Overflow Tributary Green Infrastructure

The New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) is installing new green infrastructure, including infiltration basins and new curbs and sidewalks, to help manage stormwater, lessen street flooding, and improve water quality throughout the northern neighborhoods of Queens. In support of these efforts, the NYCDDC contracted with STV to perform resident engineering and inspection (REI) services during the construction of approximately 300 right-of-way installations in the Flushing Creek combined sewage overflow tributary.

The project’s scope includes construction of bioswales, raingardens, stormwater greenstreets, greenstrips, and permeable pavement. During construction, the firm is helping the client to manage and track the project budget and schedule.