Metro-North Railroad


Croton-on-Hudson, NY


Rail Transportation: Shops and Yards


Design: Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical/HVAC Engineering, Structural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Plumbing, Piping, Fire Protection, Utility Coordination

Planning/Pre-Design: Transit Planning

Program/Construction Management Services: Construction Management

Harmon Shop Replacement Phases I and II

With increased commuter rail ridership and the resulting demands on infrastructure, Metro-North Railroad decided to replace its largest maintenance facility, the Harmon Shop in Croton-Harmon, NY. STV provided preliminary design, design oversight, and construction support services for two phases of the redevelopment of the Harmon maintenance facilities.

The Phase II project scope included construction of a new 12,500-square-foot storage facility and new communications building, a material distribution center expansion, utility improvements, and a new drop table in the facility’s main shop. For Phase III, STV integrated a modernized coach shop with capacity for 26 coaches and/or electric multiple unit cars, and a locomotive shop equipped to repair and inspect up to 10 locomotives, along with a storage yard, lead tracks, and extended electricity system.