Bay Area Rapid Transit


Hayward and Union City, CA


Rail Transportation: Shops & Yards


Planning/Pre-Design: Transit Planning

Design: Industrial Engineering

Hayward Yard Maintenance Complex

Over the next 30 years, the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) plans to extend service and expand their system to meet regional population growth. With the integration and maintenance of additional rail fleet vehicles an essential step, BART’s Hayward Yard Maintenance Complex required an expansion and upgrade to meet the new demand.

STV provided preliminary engineering for a 45,000-square-foot Vehicle Overhaul and Heavy Repair Shop., as well as final design for a new Component Repair Shop. Conceptual design was also provided for the reconfiguration of two existing 120,000-square-foot facilities for use as a warehouse, and maintenance and engineering (M&E) shop.

The new Component Repair Shop is comprised of support facilities for the overhaul and repair of  parts that are removed from the trains such as trucks, wheels and axles, motors, gearboxes, AC units, wire harnesses, and brakes. The support shops feature custom engineered repair fixtures that improve ergonomics and simplify workflow.

As the primary maintenance headquarters of the southern portion of BART’s transit line, the M&E shop conceptual design included mechanical, electrical, and escalator repair facilities; a machine shop; switch machine repair shop; radio lab; communications shop; and controls chamber; along with training and break rooms.