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Burbank, CA


Aviation & Ports: Landside


Planning/Pre-Design: Transportation Planning

Hollywood Burbank Airport Multimodal Ground Access Planning Study

As the only airport in Southern California that can be accessed directly by rail, Hollywood Burbank Airport has benefitted in recent years from a number of connectivity improvement initiatives. To further aid in those efforts, the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority tasked STV with developing a plan for ground transportation improvements that will allow Hollywood Burbank to become one of the premiere multimodal hubs in the state.

STV oversaw the management, planning, and outreach activities for Track A of a two-pronged program, which constituted a comprehensive transportation planning study that assessed, evaluated and made recommendations to improve multimodal ground access and intermodal connectivity to the airport and its facilities. STV also coordinated with the Track B study, which evaluated transit-oriented development both within and adjacent to the airport, in order to create a unified document for the airport authority, City of Burbank and other stakeholders.