Hamptons Roads Transit (HRT)


Norfolk, VA


Environmental: EIS & Assessments


Planning & Pre-Design: Alternatives Analyses, Funding Strategy and Grants, Transit Planning

HRT DEIS For High-Capacity Transit

Hampton Roads Transit (HRT)serves about 22 million people annually in Virginia’s Hampton Roads neighborhood. The agency selected STV in joint venture to evaluate high-capacity, high-quality transit options to improve service to Naval Station Norfolk, the area’s largest employer and the largest naval complex in the world. The station employs about 60,000 military personnel, civilians and contractors.  The project team is evaluating multiple transit modes and routes to identify where high-capacity transit can not only better serve the station but can also support the Military Highway retail corridor and improve community mobility in the corridor leading to the naval base.

The project team will develop service plans, ridership forecasts, cost estimates, and other measures to compare alternatives and will prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement to provide a foundation for a transit plan that will qualify for future federal funding.