Long Beach Transit Company (LBT)


Long Beach, CA


Zero-Emission Mobility 

Bus Transportation: Depots, Maintenance Facilities & Terminals



Design: Architecture, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Long Beach Electric Bus Program

Over the last two decades, Long Beach Transit Company (LBT) has been promoting the use of clean air technologies with its bus service in Southern California. After switching from diesel-powered to hybrid buses in the mid-2000s, LBT later added a new fleet of electric battery-powered buses. STV provided civil, electrical, and architectural design services for new vehicle plug-in charging stations at the Long Beach Maintenance and Operations Center in support of this new fleet.

With room for ten 40-foot vehicles, the stations charge each bus battery to its full 150-mile capacity overnight. Serving residents and visitors alike, the virtually silent and emission free buses are a welcome improvement, especially among the patrons of the many outdoor cafes along the service route.

STV provided additional bridging documents for an in-route induction charging station adjacent to the Long Beach Convention Center featuring , canopies, an information kiosk, equipment layout, and decorative paving. A third new bus station was also designed for use at the Long Beach Transit Mall.