Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority


Los Angeles, CA


Zero-Emission Mobility 

Bus Transportation: Vehicles, Depots, Maintenance Facilities & Terminals



Planning/Pre-Design: Master Planning, Operations & Service Planning, Funding Strategy and Grants

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Zero-Emissions Bus Program

STV, as part of the ZEBGO Partners joint venture, is providing a wide range of technical consulting support services for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Zero Emissions Bus Program. This plan aims to transition the agency’s entire bus fleet and bus maintenance facilities from compressed natural gas to zero emission technology by 2030.

For the first part of this contract, the team is assisting in the development of a Zero Emissions Master Plan. Additionally, ZEBGO is conducting a comprehensive industry outreach program to identify the latest cost-effective technologies and is initiating concepts for fleet and facility transition. The contract also includes evaluating existing infrastructure for integration needs and the recommended placement for in-route bus chargers, bus route and schedule analysis, life cycle analysis for all emerging relevant technologies, and the investigation of potential funding opportunities to support this large-scale plan.