York County


York County, South Carolina


Highways, Bridges & Civil Infrastructure: Highways & Roadways


Design: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Structural Engineering, Utility Coordination  

Pennies for Progress Roadway Improvement Program

Since it was first passed in 1997, York County’s Pennies for Progress program has used a one percent tax on certain goods and services to widen, extend, and rehabilitate streets and highways throughout the county. As the program enters its fourth round of funding in 2017, STV has provided engineering services for 17 projects.

The projects include new corridor alignments, widening of existing roadways to increase capacity, and improvements to intersections and drainage. The firm has provided structural design services, as well as traffic analysis, signal design, water/sewer design, and permitting services. STV also prepared environmental documentation in support of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and l provided utility coordination services, which will include relocation plans and conflict avoidance recommendations, to minimize schedule delays and budgetary challenges.