Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham


Birmingham, AL


Highways, Bridges, & Civil Infrastructure: Highways & Roadways


Planning/Pre-Design: Transportation Planning, Conditions Assessments/Surveys, Funding Strategy and Grants

Regional Transportation Corridor AA

To address the area’s growing transportation needs, the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham selected STV to determine which among five regional corridors had the greatest potential for enhancement. Following an extensive corridor-by-corridor analysis, STV recommended express bus transit services and light rail transit for the cross-county and south corridors.

STV provided transportation planning, operations and maintenance cost estimates, conceptual engineering, and funding evaluation in addition to overseeing a public outreach program. The firm’s analysis included field surveys and analyzed origin/destination, ridership, land use, and demographic/census changes. The demographic analysis accounted for evaluations of transit patterns and forecasts of expected population changes and growth trends to adapt to the area’s continually changing needs.