Mission First Housing Development Corporation


Baltimore, MD


Residential, Retail, & Hospitality: Housing


Planning/Pre-Design: Master Planning, Utility Coordination

Design: Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Utility Design

Somerset Homes

STV, on behalf of the Mission First Housing Development Corporation in partnership with local developer, Henson Development Company, is providing entitlements, civil engineering and landscape architecture services for Somerset Homes, four buildings and a 1.3-acre park near the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. The project is part of a larger $1 billion redevelopment known as the Perkins/Somerset/Oldtown (PSO) Transformation Plan, which will replace distressed public and assisted housing with high-quality, mixed-income housing that is well-managed and responsive to the needs of the surrounding neighborhood.

Once all four Somerset Homes buildings are complete, a total of 558 mixed-income apartments will be available in the city. Each of the buildings has a courtyard that STV designed as an amenity for the residents. STV has also designed nearly $10 million of infrastructure improvements to support the redevelopment project, including new public streets, utilities and stormwater management treatment systems.