Wortham, Houston, and Longview, Texas


Energy: Liquid Petroleum


Design: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering 

Program/Construction Management Services: Construction Management 

Environmental Sciences: Environmental Permitting & Mitigation

West Texas Gulf South Pipeline Realignment

STV provided multidisciplinary engineering and construction support for the client’s West Texas Gulf South pipeline realignment project, extending from the West Texas Gulf to Houston. The project included designs and modifications to the Trinity and Goodrich pump stations and the installation of a 3.6-mile, of 26-inch pipeline between Goodrich Junction and the Goodrich Pump Station, and required significant system modifications to allow flow reversal along the pipeline from north to south.

STV provided civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, piping and instrumentation, environmental, and permitting services. In addition, the STV team designed modifications that returned the previously idled Trinity Pump Station to service as well as a new pipeline junction that enables the crude oil to be delivered to three different locations and customers simultaneously or independently.