North County Transit District


San Diego County, CA


Zero-Emission Mobility 

Bus Transportation: Vehicles, Depots, Maintenance Facilities & Terminals



Environmental Services: Remediation Planning & Design

Planning/Pre-Design: Master Planning, Operations & Service Planning

Zero-Emissions Bus Infrastructure Planning

The California Air Resources Board’s has a statewide mandate for 100 percent zero-emission transit buses by 2042. To meet that mandate, STV was contracted by North County Transit District (NCTD) in San Diego to provide planning support for a phased implementation. The firm’s responsibilities include infrastructure requirements assessments, a master bus fleet implementation plan, project study reports, and identifying travel routes for battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell pilot programs.

Once complete, the phased implementation will include modifications to NCTD’s facilities that will support the transition from diesel and compressed natural gas buses to battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This transition calls for revising the existing bus base site layouts and siting potential charging stations across various NCTD bus routes to charge the zero-emission vehicles while in service.