Markets we serve:

At STV|DPM, we specialize in meeting the unique needs of public and private colleges, universities, and independent and public K–12 schools. Working in an academic environment requires special considerations including sensitivity to the constraints of an academic calendar and the needs of faculty and staff, all while maintaining a safe campus environment from project commencement to completion. Our experienced team leads projects of any scale, from major capital projects of new construction or renovation to routine maintenance and internal relocations. Whether planning a new residence hall or restriping a parking lot, our informed expertise leads to a successful result.

Our team recognizes the unique challenges of the healthcare environment. This understanding stems from our vast experience with regional and world-renowned medical facilities - ambulatory, clinical, surgical, imaging, emergent care, and other units that require special training and skills. Our veteran staff works to minimize facility disruptions, maintain continuity of patient care, and integrate regulatory agency protocols into the project plan. We take the pain out of your healthcare projects.

At STV|DPM, we specialize in meeting the needs of local, state, and federal public-sector clients. Our services encompass everything from pre-construction planning and construction administration to FF&E procurement and move planning. We appreciate the unique budget and schedule constraints of public projects, as well as the challenges of coordinating with planning boards, receiving town approvals, and meeting state and federal requirements. Whether managing the construction of a new library or police station, or the relocation of a senior center or school, we keep your public projects on track.

We excel at managing industrial construction and relocation projects, with services that range from site due diligence and industrial engineering coordination to construction administration and move planning. Our team understands the technical and logistical challenges of distribution centers, manufacturing floors, and machine shops, and we appreciate the additional security needs of defense contractors and aerospace facilities. With our documentation process and internal training program, specifically developed for managing industrial assignments, we keep your projects running smoothly - on schedule and on budget.

We are experts in managing corporate construction and relocation projects, with services encompassing everything from site and vendor selection to construction administration and move planning. Our team has extensive experience with legal, financial, high-tech, and insurance business sectors, and we understand the confidentiality and security complexities that these projects involve. Whether you are building a new corporate campus or reconfiguring your existing space, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time, on budget, and with your best interests in mind.

Non-profit entities face unique organizational and fiscal challenges in providing service to their constituents. The intersection of capital campaign planning, decisions on the acquisition of debt, and the timing of real estate commitments are critical to the ultimate success of a project. We understand these challenges and can assist with site selection and due diligence, design development and construction administration, and/or your ultimate relocation to a new site.  Mindful of these challenges, we are committed to a successful process as well as delivery on time and on budget.

We appreciate the mission-critical nature of High-Tech and R&D facilities such as data centers, light manufacturing, and test & assembly operations. The intense infrastructural requirements of these spaces and the complexity of the planning and relocation process make these projects particularly challenging. Our staff has extensive expertise for your unique project requirements including power, HVAC, floor-loading, ceiling-height, and process-flow requirements. It is with that expertise and our specialized processes that we complete your projects with maximum efficiency, on time and on budget.

Working with biological components, hazardous and flammable chemical agents, and sensitive laboratory equipment are unique challenges to project management. STV|DPM has experience with chemistry and biology labs, vivariums, GMP facilities and equipment inventory, procurement, and redeployment. We speak the language of our clients' technical personnel, which uniquely positions us to translate their functional and operational requirements to the design and construction team. We have developed and successfully utilized procedures and other tools specifically tailored for lab and life-science assignments and we complete your projects on target, safely, compliantly and efficiently.

Our team brings our vast experience to your retail & hospitality construction management and relocation projects. Whether the project entails the construction and relocation of a bank branch or the phased renovation of hotel rooms and elevator lobbies, we work with our clients to keep you operational during the work while minimizing disruption to your clients and guests. From site and vendor selection to construction administration and move planning, our experts use our specialized documentation and training process to complete your project efficiently and safely, on time and on budget.