I-581 Valley View Boulevard Interchange. Photo © Jeffrey French.

As the population continues to boom in the Southeastern United States, the region’s roadway infrastructure network is becoming increasingly strained and clogged, necessitating improvements that not only enhance accessibility, but also safety. STV, with its deep roots in the roadway/bridge market in the Southeast, which goes back nearly 70 years, is currently providing a wide range of design services for a number of critical safety improvement programs throughout the region. 

“The increase in traffic is monumental, so safety is a big deal,” said Stuart Matthis, P.E., STV vice president and a business development director in the firm’s Transportation & Infrastructure Division. “Whether the project is being procured using standard delivery methods, or is a design-build contract, it’s becoming more and more of a priority for nearly every roadway and bridge client that we support.”

I-581 Valley View Boulevard Interchange

Lane and Bridge Transformations

In many instances, STV’s engineers and planners are developing innovative solutions to practical problems that relate to traffic congestion.

“More and more of our projects are widening existing roadways or bridges as opposed to building new ones,” Matthis explained. “Fifty years ago, it was the exact opposite, so now a lot of what we do is intended to get more capacity out of an existing system.”

For projects such as the I-581 Valley View Boulevard Interchange Improvements Design-Build in Roanoke, VA, the STV team designed a wider bridge, expanding it from two highway lanes, with only one in use, to four fully functional lanes.  The firm’s design included construction of ramp terminal intersections, completion of the ramps to the north of the interchange and expansion of the interchange’s capacity...

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