Marcellus Shale Region


Energy: Natural Gas

Environmental: NEPA


Planning/Pre-Design: Alternatives Analyses, Permits

Design: Civil Engineering

Environmental Sciences: Environmental Permitting & Mitigation

Midstream Natural Gas Gathering Pipelines & Facilities Continuous Services Contract

As part of a multiple-year, continuous service master services contract in the Marcellus Shale region of Tioga, Susquehanna, Wyoming, and Lycoming counties, PA, STV is providing a broad range of design and construction support services for natural gas gathering pipelines and related facilities projects. Projects involve feasibility studies, pipeline route identification, pipeline route evaluation and selection, field surveys, environmental permitting, preliminary and final detailed pipeline and facilities engineering design, and construction support services for new natural gas gathering pipelines, water lines, compressor, metering, traps, dehydration and accompanying facilities. More than 150 miles of pipeline and facilities projects are concurrently in various stages of development from early planning through issuance of construction documents.