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Washington, D.C.


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Brentwood WMATA Rail Shop

In order to serve the region’s increased ridership, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) opted to add 120 additional railcars to their fleet. As a result, WMATA selected STV to serve as the lead designer for the design-build renovation of and additions to the Brentwood service and inspection shop. Clark Construction was the contractor.

The project entailed bisecting the shop floor to add three new service tracks, a wheel-truing machine, six sets of car hoists, and significant system upgrades – all while the shop remained operational. STV’s design addressed the challenge of the structural cutting and re-fabrication of steel beams that supported a mezzanine office that was needed to maintain daily operations during the renovation. Design was executed in just eight months, and involved extensive mapping of the existing HVAC, communication, and electrical systems to reconfigure and upgrade the shop.