South Carolina Department of Transportation


Columbia, SC


Rail Transportation: Freight Rail


Planning/Pre-Design: Condition Assessments/Surveys, Transportation Planning

Design: Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering

Program/Construction Management Services: Construction Management

Railroad Relocation, Consolidation, and Grade Crossing Elimination

With freight railroad tracks bisecting and disrupting vehicular traffic along many major thoroughfares the City of Columbia, SC, underwent a three-phase transportation infrastructure renovation program that took place over the span of multiple decades. STV was tasked by the city to provide comprehensive planning, engineering and construction management services to lower and consolidate rail tracks into a single "depressed" corridor that runs through Columbia's Central Business District, eliminating many dangerous at-grade crossings and opening up land for urban redevelopment.

Services performed included environmental planning, surveying, infrastructure design, drainage and erosion control, utility relocation and right-of-way platting, followed by full-time construction management and inspection. By the end of the program, highway traffic flow and overall safety were improved in the vital business district.