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Redesign for the Reconstruction of the Charles River Basin Parkways Lighting

To update the lighting system throughout the historic Charles River Basin, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) replaced 702 light fixtures, along with 680 poles and pole bases, along the major parkways throughout the area. The new system promotes cost savings, energy efficiency and public safety, by using modern LED fixtures. Historic replica poles were used that matched the 1907 original fixtures. STV provided design and project management services for the lighting, power infrastructure, and pole foundations along Embankment Road, David G. Mugar Way, James J. Storrow Memorial Drive, Soldier Field Road, and Soldier Field Extension.

The firm developed all appropriate specifications and construction documents, in addition to providing bid and construction phase support. Additionally, STV provided designs for ground fault interrupter outlets on a select number of poles to provide power for future programming needs, such as holiday lights. STV also designed the lighting system to use wireless controls, which allows the DCR to set the scheduling, dim, and report on each individual fixture to further increase energy savings. The team used specifications from a previous conversion project led by STV, that was used to help reduce DCR’s overall energy usage within the project locations by 60 percent while increasing lighting levels in most locations.