U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)


McAllen, TX


Environmental: NEPA

Water: Water and Wastewater Treatment


Design: Civil, Environmental Engineering 
Environmental Sciences: Environmental Site Assessment & Investigation, Hazardous Waste Management

Wastewater Treatment Facility at Moore Air Force Base

As part of a task order contract, STV evaluated alternatives for management of wastewater from the Mexican Fruit Fly Rearing Facility as well as domestic wastewater at Moore Air Force Base and provided the subsequent design of the new facility. STV prepared a NEPA Environmental Assessment to determine if there were any significant adverse impacts on the human or natural environment associated with any new facility. The firm’s design employed a packaged treatment plant with effluent discharged to an evaporation pond. Sustainable design elements were included to minimize the total wastewater by eliminating stormwater infiltration and inflow. The facility’s treatment technology is energy-efficient, occupies minimal space, and reduces adverse environmental impacts.