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Charlotte, NC


Water: Water Distribution and Transmission


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Design: Environmental Engineering

Environmental Sciences: Resilience & Sustainability

960 Zone Water North-South Water Transmission Main and Hidden Valley Water System Improvements Project

As the CATS Blue Line Extension Light Rail Corridor in Charlotte has developed, it has necessitated resilience improvements to Charlotte Water’s 960 Pressure Zone. The 960 Zone North-South Water Transmission Main improvement project will address these needs by adding approximately 30,300 linear feet of a 36-inch water line from Idlewild Road to the Hickory Grove Elevated Water Tank in eastern Mecklenburg County. As a subconsultant to the Sanders Utility Inc. and BRS Inc. design-build joint venture team, STV is providing design and construction oversight services for this program.

These improvements aim to curtail any adverse effects within the community in the instance of an emergency outage at either the Plaza Road or Sardis Road booster pump stations. Additionally, the majority of the 36-inch transmission main will be located within the road’s right-of-way on city and county owned property, which will minimize impacts to vehicular traffic and private parcels. Trenchless installation techniques are being used to minimize conflicts with neighboring wetlands, existing utilities, and other nearby infrastructure. New fire hydrants are being installed along the route to enhance fire protection and promote fire safety in the nearby neighborhoods.