Millennium Inorganic Chemicals


Baltimore, MD


Corporate & Industrial: Manufacturing & Distribution

Water: Water and Wastewater Treatment, Water and Wastewater Pump Stations


Design: Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Utility Design 
Environmental Sciences: Environmental Permitting & Mitigation, Hazardous Waste Management
Planning/Pre-Design: Permits


Hawkins Point Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plant

STV performed design and construction-related services for a new sanitary wastewater treatment facility for the Millennium Inorganic Chemicals Hawkins Point Plant. The treatment facility complied with a new National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit. After reviewing STV’s recommendations, the client selected the Stahlermatic BIO-Wheel system, which produces a high-quality effluent with minimal power demands. Other equipment included two pump stations fitted with grinder pumps and piping systems to convey the untreated wastewater to the facility, an equalization tank, a flow meter, and an emergency power system.