Outdoor Elevated Subway Station & Tracks in Brooklyn


U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Transit Administration


New York, NY



Rail Transportation: Stations & Terminals 


Planning/Pre-Design: Accessibility Planning; Conditions Assessments/Surveys 

Metropolitan Transportation Authority ADA Fixed Route Compliance Review

As part of a comprehensive review of ADA conformance throughout the MTA New York City Transit subway system, STV collected data at 27 subway stations in Brooklyn and the Bronx. The team measured and observed accessibility features including opening forces of station doors and gates, surfaces and detectable warnings of boarding platforms, tactile signs, coordination of boarding platforms and vehicle floors (vertical and horizontal), accessible/audible features of fare machines, stairways/handrails, and vertical clearance of station mezzanines above city streets to evaluate whether elevator pits met clearance requirements set by the New York State Department of Transportation.

The team analyzed the as-is conditions of the stations for conformance with the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) ADA Standards for Transportation Facilities and the Title 49 Part 38 regulations for transportation vehicles. The team prepared a draft summary report for FTA that highlighted deficiencies at the subway stations FTA then requested that the team coordinate with other engineering firms that were being engaged by the owner to complete a feasibility study for installing elevators at the stations to discuss their findings.