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Virginia Railway Express Coach Car Cleaning Agent Study

As part of a task order with the Virginia Railway Express (VRE), STV investigated ways for the commuter rail service to improve cleaning and disinfecting its vehicles during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. STV explored several options, including microbial treatments and UV light disinfecting systems. A wide range of factors were considered including personnel safety, spectrum of coverage, methods and efficiency of application, dwell time, and cost.

The analysis ultimately determined that an on-site generation system would be the most beneficial. STV then furthered the investigation into leading manufacturers of on-site generating systems. After much discussion with VRE, PathoSans was selected as the preferred provider and VRE has used PathoSans in their facilities with tremendous success. VRE, PathoSans, and the project team’s efforts were recognized with a Virginia Green Travel Leader Award, a program honoring businesses committed to efforts to protect the environment and support sustainable tourism in the Commonwealth of Virginia.