Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) / New Jersey Transit (NJT)


Gloucester and Camden Counties, NJ


Environmental: EIS & Assessments


Environmental Sciences: Environmental Impact Statements

Planning/Pre-Design: Transit Planning

Glassboro-Camden Line EIS

The Glassboro-Camden Line (GCL) is a proposed 18-mile light rail transit (LRT) line that will add mobility options and reduce vehicular traffic between Glassboro and Camden in Southern New Jersey. STV was selected by the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) and perform conceptual engineering services in support of this project. DRPA is serving as the project manager for NJ TRANSIT, which has an active role in the project.

STV previously completed an alternatives analyses (AA) on the Glassboro-Camden Line for DRPA and NJT. The AA compared alternate routes, defined the physical and functional features of the rail line and outlined operating plans, rough order-of-magnitude capital cost estimates, ridership estimates, and socioeconomic and environmental impacts. STV conducted extensive public and stakeholder outreach to get feedback on a preferred alternative. In the end, the public supported a light rail service between Glassboro and Camden as the preferred option. The proposed service will operate within an existing freight right-of-way which is currently owned and operated by Conrail Shared Assets. 

STV recently completed the EIS for the GCL. The report identified, analyzed, and documented environmental conditions and socioeconomic and environmental impacts, as well as the benefits of the project, and proposed mitigation measures for the alignment. The next steps for the project include preliminary engineering followed by final design, construction and revenue service.