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Like everyone in the country, we are concerned about COVID-19 and its evolving effects on our lives and industry. First and foremost is the concern for the health and well-being of our employees, their families, and all our colleagues in the industry. As we brace for more changes, one thing we can do is prepare ourselves to adapt to new scenarios.

We want to assure you that we will take every action necessary to protect our clients and partners, while also providing the same high level of quality service as always. We have advised employees to practice social distancing, to restrict non-essential travel, and to avoid gatherings with large numbers of people. We have also asked our staff to use teleconferencing rather than face-to-face meetings. 

Our employees are working remotely using their laptops or home computer and utilizing our VPN and/or other remote access services that STV has in place. Many of our personnel have mobile phones, so please continue contacting our staff via cell phones, text or email or their regular office landlines. Our managers and project managers will continue to communicate with our clients to seamlessly meet their needs.

These closures do not apply to our field work and offices as our construction management and inspection personnel continue to support essential services per government mandates. Our employees will continue to service your projects remotely and physically on project sites that remain open unless otherwise directed by government leadership and health officials.

We are following CDC procedures and recommendations and will continue to monitor the situation. We want to assure our clients, partners, and colleagues that we bear their best interests in mind and will remain open for business. 

We know these are challenging times, but we are confident that, as a team, our enduring spirit will see us through.

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