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City and County of Denver


Denver, CO



Residential, Retail & Hospitality: Land Development


Planning/Pre-Design: Accessibility Planning, Conditions Assessments/Surveys

ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan for the City and County of Denver

On behalf of the City and County of Denver, STV prepared an ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan, which included an assessment of its facilities, parks, and website accessibility. 

Our team analyzed the client’s policies and practices to identify how to ensure the full participation of individuals with disabilities in county and city programs, activities, and services. In addition to reviewing, verifying, and revising all policies, procedures, and practices, the client also contracted with  STV to survey city and county buildings to identify any architectural or physical barriers.

Additionally, our team created a transition plan for all facilities that is being used to document the status and progress of all enhancements to accessibility that are being made throughout the county and city. This plan included an assessment of the level of prioritization for the recommended mitigation, as well as any challenges associated with implementing the improvement.