Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)


Boston, MA



Bus Transportation: Depots, Maintenance Facilities, & Terminals

Rail Transportation: Stations & Terminals


Planning/Pre-Design: Conditions Assessment/Surveys

Plan for Accessible Transit Infrastructure (PATI)

As part of its effort to provide barrier-free access to commuters, the MBTA selected STV to develop a Plan for Accessible Transit Infrastructure (PATI) to increase bus and rail accessibility for passengers with disabilities. Using innovative collection and database software, STV analyzed conditions to create individual station assessments, culminating in a final summary report with prioritized recommendations.

The study area spanned the entirety of eastern Massachusetts that traversed active bus routes and rail lines. Despite this challenge, STV surveyed over 7,600 bus stops and rail lines in just four months -- without interruption to commuter travel. The end result was a data-driven blueprint for a more accessible MBTA system.