Rail Transportation: Vehicles


Program/Construction Management: Vehicle/Fleet Procurement & Specification 

Procurement of 300 New Gallery Bi-Level Commuter Railcars for Metra

This commuter rail car acquisition program represents a major effort by Metra to improve and upgrade the regional commuter rail fleet that was acquired from the predecessor trunk line carriers. This program provided the first commuter cars in the United States to be delivered under the mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act. A total of 3l7 commuter rail cars were rehabilitated and acquired by Metra for regional commuter rail services under contracts engineered and administered by STV.

STV provided the coordination and administration for the entire project following the award of the equipment manufacturing contract through the final testing and acceptance of the commuter fleet. The firm provided the necessary technical personnel and other resources for design review while also performing in-plant testing and inspection services at the fabrication and assembly plant.