Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT)


Hartford, CT and New Haven, CT


Rail Transportation: System-wide Elements


Planning/Pre-Design: Permits, Master Planning

CTDOT Public Transportation Support Services

As part of an ongoing five-year contract, STV was selected by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT), in tandem with the Bureau of Public Transportation (BPT), to provide an array of services that will enhance the state’s rail, bus, maritime, and paratransit public transportation properties. STV’s services include procurement, planning, analysis, regulation review, and project implementation.

Among STV’s tasks are creating policies and enforcement procedures for BPT’s parking facilities, rail right-of-way property management, and engineering services for roof and HVAC replacements for station facilities. The firm was also instrumental in negotiating CTDOT’s contractual renewals along various rail lines. STV’s review and analyses resulted in renewed marketing lease agreements and increased revenue from existing advertising billboards, cell towers, and other digital platforms owned by the agency.