United Airlines and Houston Airport System


Houston, TX


Aviation and Ports: Airside 


Program/Construction Management Services: Construction Management, Owner’s Representative

Houston Virtual Ramp Control Tower

United Airlines introduced a new virtual ramp control tower to enhance how the airline manages aircraft traffic at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. The virtual ramp control tower is located in a windowless room that houses screens that give air traffic controllers a clear and pristine view of the airfield. STV was selected to serve as the owner’s representative for the construction on the first virtual ramp control tower used by a commercial airline.

Using cutting-edge technology, the virtualization of the ramp control tower provides an enhanced view of the airport’s gates and runways without the use of a tower. STV oversaw the installation of a combination of high-definition cameras, surveillance and meteorological sensors, and microphones, which worked with compressors to capture images of incoming airplanes as far as one thousand miles away.