Jamaica Bus Depot Rendering


Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)


New York, NY


Zero-Emission Mobility 

Bus Transportation: Depots, Maintenance Facilities & Terminals



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Jamaica Bus Depot

The Jamaica Bus Depot, built in 1939, is the operations hub for several bus routes in the borough of Queens, NY. It is currently used to store, maintain, and service approximately 196 buses operated by New York City Transit.

In an effort to upgrade the facility to support the MTA’s planned bus fleet growth, STV is serving as the lead designer for the design-build of a new Jamaica Bus Depot and parking lot. Skanska will lead the design-build team.

Once complete, the new facility and lot will provide the capacity needed to operate, maintain and store 272 buses. It will also be the city’s first garage outfitted with the ability to service a fleet of entirely battery electric buses.