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Jamaica Bus Depot Environmental Documentation and Air Permit Support

STV is investigating alternatives for the reconstruction and expansion of the Jamaica Bus Depot, in Queens, NY. The depot, built in 1939, is the operations hub for several bus routes and is used by the New York City Transit (NYC Transit) to store, maintain, and service approximately 196 buses. Approximately 50 of these buses park on the streets around the depot property, impacting the day-to-day travel of residents, York College affiliates, and transportation and commercial operations in the surrounding neighborhoods.

STV prepared an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), evaluating three candidate alternatives to identify the option that best achieves the future bus depot requirements for maintenance, operations, and bus storage capacity. The proposed action would modernize the depot and provide the infrastructure needed to accommodate up to 300 buses; allow NYC Transit to serve current and potential future bus route assignments/reconfigurations; create capacity to accommodate new bus service demands in Queens; and enable the agency to maintain and deploy a modern bus fleet that includes articulated and electric buses.

As part of the EIS, STV’s efforts included identifying measures to address potential traffic, air quality, and noise concerns, and establish a methodology for determining the preferred depot design for evaluation. Bus depot alternatives ranged from a principally outdoor parking scheme to a completely enclosed parking and maintenance facility. The Final Environmental Impact Statement was completed on schedule and was approved by the MTA Board.

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2021 Engineering Excellence Award - Studies, Research and Consulting Engineering Services
American Council of Engineering Companies of New York