Metro-North Railroad


Patterson, NY


Rail Transportation: Line Segments & Tunnels


Program/Construction Management Services: REI/CEI

Metro-North Railroad Harlem Line Bridge Replacements

As part of the East of Hudson bridge improvement program, Metro-North Railroad selected STV to perform resident engineering and construction engineering and inspection (REI/CEI) services for the demolition and replacement of two single-track rail bridges on the Upper Harlem line. The firm was responsible for outage coordination, material testing validations, and overseeing permitting with multiple local, state, and federal organizations.

Chief among the project’s challenges was the ambitious slide-in bridge construction of a prefabricated bridge. The shop-fabricated girders were first housed on temporary piers before carefully being slid into place. The project was completed across an active rail line located in an environmentally-sensitive wetland that is home to endangered bog turtles. To accommodate this environment, STV recommended a perimeter fence to take extra care in avoiding disrupting the area’s wildlife.