Metro-North Railroad


Various Locations, New York State


Rail Transportation: Stations & Terminals


Planning/Pre-Design: Conditions Assessments/Surveys, Transportation Planning

Design: Architecture, Structural Engineering

Metro-North Railroad Station Improvement Task Order

As part of a larger, systemwide capital improvement plan, STV was selected by Metro-North Railroad (MNR) to perform architectural and engineering design services for a range of structural improvements to stations across the commuter rail’s Harlem and Hudson Lines, and the New York portion of the New Haven Line. STV’s first task was to perform a hands-on inspection/conditions assessment for 26 specific stations. From these inspections, STV was tasked with scoping, quantifying, and then prioritizing needed repairs. STV then prepared scope plans and design specifications to bring 20 of these locations into a state of good repair.

During the process of preparing the conceptual design to select repairs for stations, STV performed a range of supplemental design services to make more substantial improvements at specific stations. Due to the condition of some of the platforms inspected, STV was tasked with designing emergency shoring to stabilize some of the more heavily deteriorated stations. At Hartsdale and Scarsdale stations, STV prepared design-build bridging documents for the reconstruction of these stations in accordance with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s broader Customer Service Initiative (CSI) program, as well as Enhanced Service Initiative (ESI). These programs upgraded several stations across the region with state-of-the-art amenities like energy efficient LED lighting, electronic signage, heated platforms with USB chargers, power upgrades, and more. Following this task, STV prepared construction documents for new elevators at both locations, power upgrades at Hartsdale Station, and raising the pedestrian overpass at Scarsdale Station.