Park Avenue Viaduct
Urban Garden Center under the Park Avenue Viaduct
Market under the Park Avenue Viaduct


Metropolitan Transportation Authority Construction and Development 


New York, NY


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Planning/Pre-Design: Conditions Assessments/Surveys, Operations and Services Planning, Transit Planning, Transportation Planning

Environmental Services: Environmental Impact Statements & Assessments, Resilience & Sustainability 

Park Avenue Viaduct Replacement

Originally built nearly 130 years ago, the Park Avenue Viaduct is one of New York’s most crucial pieces of rail infrastructure, with nearly 98% of all MTA Metro-North Railroad (MNR) commuter rail trains using the viaduct every day. Crossing between East 115th and East 123rd streets in East Harlem and into Grand Central Terminal, the structure exhibits significant signs of distress, and its expedient and efficient rehabilitation and replacement is a major priority for MNR. 

To better and more safely serve the thousands of commuters who pass over the viaduct daily, MTA Construction & Development contracted with STV to lead the environmental review, which focused on consequential construction activities, while also providing seamless oversight to the National Environmental Policy Act effort and targeted public outreach.  

Several cultural cornerstones of East Harlem, an Environmental Justice community, are located directly underneath the viaduct. Because construction would require the temporary relocation of tenants, STV coordinated with MNR to develop construction plans, schedules, and sequencing to facilitate efficient construction with minimal community disruption.