As part of a continued effort to invest in Boston-area water transportation, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) recently welcomed a new high-speed catamaran ferry, Champion to its fleet with support from STV, a leading engineering, architectural, planning, and construction management firm.

Champion is the first new passenger ferry vessel procured by the MBTA. It was also the first new waterborne vessel procurement supported by STV, which has a long-standing history of providing procurement support services for rail and bus vehicles to the MBTA and other transportation agencies throughout North America. The new ferry will provide service between Hingham, Hull, Logan Airport and downtown Boston.

“With the debut of Champion, the MBTA is demonstrating how many transit agencies throughout North America are exploring new and innovative ways to get people from point A to point B,” said Christopher Holliday, P.E., STV senior vice president and vehicles national practice leader. “The paradigm appears to be shifting away from having only one or two modes of transportation available to commuters in many major cities.”

As contracted by the MBTA, STV developed technical and commercial specifications for the procurement and provided support during the bidding and selection processes. The firm also performed contract management, engineering, design and shipyard inspection services. Prior to this assignment, STV has provided technical and engineering support for two existing MBTA ferries, including design services, emergency repair and heavy maintenance.

Champion is a 150-passenger, jet-propelled, high-speed catamaran built by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding and supported by federal funding. The new ferry enjoys a variety of ADA features including bow loading capacity, an accessible restroom, mobility device seating position with companion seats and an inductive loop for the hearing impaired. Champion also boasts EPA Tier III engines, environmentally-friendly LED lighting, bike racks, padded interior seats, passenger tables, convenience outlets and a concessions area. Other amenities include state-of-the-art navigation electronics, an on-board video recording and surveillance system, and a modern passenger information system that combines entertainment with audible and visual route/stop information.

STV assisted the MBTA in tailoring their procurement process to acquire this small quantity of vessels. STV also revised the inspection and review process to integrate U.S. Coast Guard approvals and inspections, a type of federal oversight unique within the MBTA to its marine procurements.

In 2018, the second STV-supported ferry procurement, the Glory will also hit Boston’s high seas as the newest addition to the MBTA’s fleet.

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