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Emergency Repair of the Delaware River Turnpike Bridge

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority contracted STV to provide construction management and inspection services for the $50 million rehabilitation and repainting of the Delaware River Turnpike Bridge, which carries an estimated 40,000 vehicles a day across the Delaware River connecting the New Jersey Turnpike and the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-276). During the course of construction, a significant fracture was discovered in one of the bridge’s upper truss members and buckling in an adjacent member. The bridge was immediately closed to all vehicular traffic so a comprehensive engineering assessment and structural analysis could determine a repair strategy. 

During the closure, STV provided around-the-clock assistance to the client, construction team and other stakeholders. This included coordination between the NJ Turnpike Authority, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, the local municipality, numerous contractors and subcontractors, utility companies and other engineering consultants.  This high-level of execution and on-site logistical support made it possible to successfully complete the repairs approximately one month ahead of the originally anticipated schedule.