Houston METRORail

The Houston METRORail project represents a transformative initiative in urban transportation, introducing a modern light rail transit system to the bustling metropolis of Houston. Spanning over 22 miles of track, the METRORail system serves as a vital artery of Houston’s public transit network.  

STV collaborated with the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) to pioneer a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enhancing mobility and air quality across the city. At the heart of this endeavor was the development of the New Starts light rail transit system—a visionary project poised to revolutionize urban travel. 

Spanning 7.5 miles from Downtown Houston to the iconic Astrodome, this transformative system comprises 16 strategically located stations and a cutting-edge maintenance facility. STV assumed a pivotal role as the project management powerhouse, steering every facet of the program with precision and expertise. 

Through close collaboration with METRO, STV oversaw the program’s execution, including the integration of $150 million in locally sourced enhancements. Despite the scale of the endeavor, The New Starts light rail system was delivered 10 months ahead of schedule, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and innovation in urban infrastructure development.  

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Transforming urban mobility with an efficient light rail transit system in Houston.


Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority


Houston, Texas


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