Long Beach Transit


Long Beach, CA


Bus Transportation: Depots, Maintenance Facilities & Terminals


Design: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture

Long Beach Transit Mall Station

In an effort to combine public art with sustainable passenger resources, Long Beach Transit selected STV for the renovation and transformation of the Long Beach Transit Mall, a series of light rail stations under refurbishment in advance of the 2028 Summer Olympics. As the area’s first “street transit gallery,” the transit mall includes eight bus shelters along the three-block-long corridor that integrate functionality with artful design. 

As lead designer and architect, STV prepared schematic designs to include real-time digital information screens, ample seating, and upgraded LED-illumination. To compliment nearby public art installations, STV’s design used recycled tile mosaics, energy-conserving illumination, and sustainable landscaping along the corridor. The finished project celebrates the community with local art and seaside influences while transporting passengers through the heart of the city.