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New Haven Yard West End Rail Storage

To help the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) accommodate a new fleet of electric commuter trains, STV provided design services for the $75 million New Haven Yard West End Rail Storage facility. These services will address the site layout, permitting, utilities, fire protection, lighting, traction power, access ways and a maintenance support building at the site.

As part of this program, CTDOT demolished an aging New Haven Yard building to make way for a new rail car storage, servicing and inspection yard. STV is advancing a 30 percent design to repurpose the site as the West End Yard. The new facility includes new tracks, overhead catenary, a traction power switching substation and feeders, communication and security systems, electrical power, service consoles, high mast lighting, and sanitary and storm sewer systems. The yard also now hosts a new staff and equipment support building, parts storage building, and an additional 480-volt standby substation that provides power to existing diesel storage tracks.