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Baltimore, MD


Education & Cultural: Colleges & Universities


Planning/Pre-Design: Permits, Condition Assessments/Surveys, Economic Analysis

Design: Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture

University of Maryland BioPark

The University of Maryland, Baltimore’s (UMB) BioPark was established in 2003 to create a university-associated research park that accelerates biotechnology commercialization and economic development in the surrounding community and throughout the region. It is an ecosystem of corporate tenants and UMB faculty researchers, staff, students.

STV is providing planning services and design services for 4MLK, a 10-story, 330,000-square-foot office and lab tower and parking garage. 4MLK will become the gateway to the BioPark; connect the neighborhoods of West Baltimore to opportunities and services in the medical district; and connect the BioPark to the larger University of Maryland Medical Center and University campus. The project includes preservation of a historic firehouse and streetscape improvements as well as residential and retail components. STV also collaborated with the city’s Urban Design and Architectural Advisory Panel to accommodate a portion of the city’s plans for a shared bike route along the campus.